Our Vision

Why this SICAV ?

  Our Value Stock Picking MSCI World MSCI Europe
One Year: 2013 38.59% 21.54% 20.16%
Three years: 2011 - 2013 33.60% 34.08% 28.89%
Five years: 2009 - 2013 114.7% 103.45% 89.17%

The origins date back to the recognition that the « value stock-picking » model that we implied to our clients’ private accounts enabled us to beat the MSCI World and MSCI Europe indices over five, three and one-year periods. As a result, we provided added value for the different portfolios under our management.
The SICAV offers the following advantages compared to individual shares in the portfolio:

  • Besides investments in mature markets, this fund will give us access to emerging markets (i.e. South Korea, India, Malaysia) that are not normally accessible to either private or institutional investors.
  • The fund enables diversified investments in niche markets and sectors.
  • In addition, the fund enables us to act very quickly and flexibly if necessary.
  • Finally, we can produce an official track record to demonstrate the soundness of our approach as well as to appeal third parties to invest in this fund.

Our Mission

  • Achieve satisfactory performance results, independent of any benchmark.
  • Implement appropriate sectoral, geographical and absolute diversification.
  • Apply value investing in a disciplined and opportunistic manner.
  • Keep costs as low as possible.